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Monday, October 22, 2007

Matthew Cook on Context 20

Author Matthew Cook writes:
Context is held every year in Columbus, Ohio (my home town), and is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers, all of whom love genre fiction.

I first learned about the con from my writer's group -- several members also helped with the con planning and suggested that I go. Editors and authors of every stripe were said to prowl the carpeted halls between panels, their eyes filled with an unholy, insatiable glow. My first year there, I met people like Mike Resnick and Tim Waggoner as well as editors from every publication you can imagine, from magazines and fan-zines to actual New York publishing houses. Heady stuff.

Of course, I'll always have a soft spot for Context because it was there, in 2006, that I met Paula Guran and sold BLOOD MAGIC in the hallway in a frantic 5 minute pitch session.

Even better, I met a boatload of extremely nice people, writers and fans, all of whom walked right up to me as if I were someone worth talking to. Many presented me with a copy of my book to sign. Talk about mind-blowing. Other writers gave me their cards (or even copies of their books) and invited me to contact them.

Did I mention how much I love small cons?

Read the rest at: http://bloodmagicbooks.blogspot.com



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