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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jason Toomey on Context 20

This is what writer Jason Toomey had to say about his experience at Context:

I've already made some friends despite my nearly nonexistent networking skills. A nice couple from Worcester of all places. How crazy is that? We probably live 20 minutes for each other only to meet out here. Those wacky Writing Gods, I tell you. Anyway, we had a fun little chat in the hallway as we dug through our goodie bags (as my daughter would say). They are horror writers, so I took the opportunity to see what they felt the difference was between horror and dark fantasy. It was a fun discussion. It's so cool to be around other people who take this stuff seriously.


I learned a lot at this conference. World building techniques, how to build emotional tension in a scene without manipulating the reader, some real insight into the horror genre, a few really cool scene pacing concepts I've never really heard before, the homosexual tendencies of Mallard ducks...to name just a few.

As I sat in the hotel restaurant at lunch today, with all the tables of writers happily chattering around me, it just showed me how much I want all of this. Not the fame and the fortune--which are pretty much only bestowed on a few in the industry anyway--but just that feel and sense of being a writer and caring so much about the work. That excitement was everywhere this weekend, and I just lost myself in it.

You can read the rest of his convention report on his website.



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